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At VoiceData24, we pride ourselves on building longlasting business relationships with our Clients. We know that the most important step in doing this is providing excellent Customer Service. Please see the following options for Support on our Services.

Documentation & Manuals

Most questions can be answered by a quick look at the documentation for the product you need help with. Please review this list of docs to see if the product you need support for is in the list.

Ticketing Support

Our ticket system is the best form of support for matters that may take several correspondences to resolve. When a ticket is created, our Support Staff will be immediately notified so that they can get on your issue right away.

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You can also send an email to Support@VoiceData24.com. This is good if you have a simple question you need answered. For more complex issues, we recommend the Ticketing System because it keeps a record of all of the case information.

Phone Support

Hours: M-F 9:30am-6:30pm, Sat 10am-3pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Our phones are running behind a router and we are experiencing reliability and/or call quality issues. How can I fix this?

Sometimes firewalls can interfere with the quality of VoIP communications. Usually it is not necessary to have a firewall enabled on your router so disabling the firewall on the router is a surefire way to fix this.

To accomplish this, you need to login to the router configuration page and disable the firewall from there. The address of this page varies for different routers; it is usually the address of your gateway which is often or but to be sure, you should check the user manual for your router. You can also do a google search which is even easier (Search " disable firewall" without the quotes). So if I had a Linksys WRT54G router I would search for: Linksys WRT54G disable firewall.

If you do not want to disable the firewall entirely, you need to make sure the following ports are open on your router:
4569 for AIX2
5004 thru 5082 for SIP
10001 thru 20000 for RTP

If you have anything less than PERFECT call quality, 99% of the time blocked ports is the issue. If this does not fix your problem, contact us and we will troubleshoot the issue.

What type of Internet Connection do I need to run VoiceData24's Business VoIP Phone Service?

Any high speed internet connection will be sufficient. Cable, DSL, Clear WiMax and T1/T3 are all perfect for VoIP services.

How does Fax over VoIP work?

Fax over VoIP can be a tricky thing because of the way the outdated Fax protocol works. If any bit of data is lost in the transfer process, it can stop the fax from coming through successfully. Fortunately, VoiceData24 has the solution for Faxing over VoIP!

We have special software running on our servers that allows Fax to be transmitted over VoIP. You can use a regular fax machine with a Sip ATA or you can use our advanced eFax service--when a fax comes in, it automatically comes into your email inbox and is attached as a PDF file. To send a fax, you can simply login to your VoiceData24 Business VoIP Phone control panel and click the Send Fax tab. Then, browse for the PDF or TIFF file that you would like to send, enter the phone number and click send. It's as simple as that!

Fax is becoming an ancient outdated protocol. Email almost entirely eliminates the need for faxes but many companies still like to have a fax number for several reasons. First, it establishes your businesses and gives it more credibility. Secondly, there is an "urban myth" that there is some type of greater legal binding if you sign a document and fax it versus scanning the signed document and emailing it. In reality, there is absolutely no difference. eFax saves on paper/toner and is a much more convenient way of receiving faxes. With the greater availability of smartphones that can receive emails, eFax essentially lets you receive faxes straight to your cellphone and get them on the go from anywhere!

How to Transfer Calls Using Linksys SPA941 or SPA942 Phones?

There are two ways to transfer calls from SPA9xx phones to another phone or extension, attended call transfer, or blind call transfer. Below are instructions:

Attended Call Transfer
An attended call transfer allows a user to transfer a call to a third party, after speaking to the third party. Perform an attended call transfer as follows:

  1. During an active call, press the *xfer soft key to place the current call on hold.
  2. Press an idle Line key.
  3. Dial the transfer target number on the newly activated line.
  4. When the target is answered, speak to the target, and then press the *xfer soft key again to complete the transfer.

Blind Transfer
A blind call transfer allows a user to transfer a call to a third party, without speaking to the third party. Perform a blind call transfer as follows:

  1. During an active call, press the *xfer soft key to place the current call on hold.
  2. Press an idle Line key.
  3. Dial the transfer target number on the newly activated line.
  4. While the target is ringing, press the *xfer soft key again to complete the transfer without speaking to the target.

Dealing with Multiple Calls
While one or more call appearances are on hold:

  1. Initiate a call on an idle Line key.
  2. While the call is either ringing or is connected, press the *xferLx line key.

If only one other call is on hold, the active call is connected to the call on hold. Otherwise, the user is prompted to select the Line key to transfer the call to.

*Note: Do not use the bxfer mechanism unless all lines are busy.