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Video Conferencing Overview

Video Conferencing allows for face to face meetings regardless of travel time or distance.  Decisions are made faster and communication is more effective.


VoiceData24’s philosophy is to provide our clients the best in class solutions, products and support with personalized care.   We are proud of our highly trained and experienced staff and will make sure your Audio/Visual or Video Conferencing needs are met promptly and effectively.


The StarLeaf Personal Telepresence is a multi-purpose all-in-one video collaboration solution. It has a slick design and is easy to use! Incorporate a large screen for individual desk tops, small meeting rooms, service points and kiosks.  The completely intuitive experience ensures anyone can use it without training, and plug and play simplicity allows the Personal Telepresence to be installed in minutes without IT support.


Complete desktop collaboration

Combining a high-resolution monitor and the StarLeaf Personal Telepresence phone streamlines all communication.  The dual-purpose high-definition system makes moving from phone call to PC documents, to face-to-face collaboration an easily way to share content.  When deployed in a meeting room a single cable connects laptops for screen sharing.


The ultimate high-definition meeting experience

VoiceData24 uses the StarLeaf System for its technological advances.  It ensures user experience high-definition quality even during variable network performances.  Advanced error resilience allows a high quality Telepresence experience.  With very low end-to-end latency all Telepresence meetings remain truly life-like.


Meet anyone face-to-face

There are no barriers to communications.  Users can easily connect with colleagues, partners and customers using any H.323 video conferencing equipment.


Easy deployment anywhere in the world

VoiceData24 offers this system with the fully hosted StarLeaf Cloud hosting solution, allowing you to deliver all the benefits of video conferencing, to any location, without the need for specialist IT skills.  It’s as easy as pushing a button.



  • Telepresence and audio communication for desktops, small meeting rooms, service points and kiosks
  • High-definition telepresence
  • Multi-party continuous presence, telepresence for up to five people
  • Screen sharing
  • Advanced StarLeaf technology for packet loss resilience and low end-to end latency
  • Interoperability with existing voice and video installation


Single user interface – the Phone has touch-screen comprehensive features including:

  • Step-by-Step visual guidance
  • Video and phone call history
  • Visual mail feature – see and listen to all messages in any order
  • Unique video mail greeting with record, receive and playback
  • 14 direct dial favorites
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange
  • Search and scroll through corporate directories and personal contacts


215 height adjustable, high-resolution dual-purpose monitor:

  • Integrated adjustable camera
  • Extremely fast auto focus
  • Integral speakers
  • Build-in full duplex speaker phone
  • On-screen menu controls for adjusting PC display
  • Brightness and volume controls
  • DVI-I PC connectivity